Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wood Elf Carving Day 12. My new favorite chisel!

So this is what takes so long in making a good carving great...Tonight I worked on putting more details in. It's actually quite fun! Though rather time consuming cleaning up those edges and undercutting all those leaves. My new favorite chisel is this Phiel Short bend that I purchased well before Christmas. It was discounted on clearance! It is my new favorite chisel because it allows me to get super cramped places that my normal straight chisels can't. You may be able to see the difference in the cape as I went up and down the folds and set the creases even deeper than before. As I said before, It takes time and I went around the skirt up the cloak and down the right arm. There is still much more to do. Tomorrow we'll be going out of town, so that Friday deadline I set for myself previously is looking pretty optimistic. We'll keep ya posted.

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