Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Moment you have All Been Waiting For!

The finished pics of the Wood elf. Cheryl and I just posted the entry in the woodcraft contest. Wish us luck! There are a lot of really great carvings on the gallery already. I have sized up the competition and feel like I have a handful of serious competitors. However, you just never know with judges. The carvings range from full 3-d carvings to love spoons and everything in between. Well here are the five final pics that we chose to enter. We took several dozen! but ended up with these. We didn't get a good pic of the hands, or chest, but you can still see them in the full body shots. It would have been cool to show off more, but the entry only calls for five pics max. I guess you have to put a limit somewhere. Enjoy! With that out of the way, I may get started on my next masterpiece. I'm not sure if she should be a compliment to the last one or something completely different. Who knows! At the very least she will most likely be female.


Montagyoo said...

wow! that is really awesome!

Dave Brock said...

The Elf was quite the undertaking. Nice work and good luck at Woodcraft!

L. D. Burgus said...

Fantastic final finish. It looks great!!

diy said...

If you do n't win it would be a surprise to me. The best of your work I've seen. Take a biscuit out of the jar, only one!


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