Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wood Elf Finish Finished!

Well, over the past couple of days I have been slowly finishing the wood elf and now she is done! We are planning on taking some "good" pics of her hopefully tomorrow. So here is what I did: Three coats of Danish oil ( sanding between coats) then I used Minwax wax for the wonderful luster that only wax seems to be able to bring out. Now I will admit here that I got a little zealous and kinda put too much wax on. You see, I melted it and painted her so that the wax could penetrate all those little nooks and Crannies. Imagine my horror when it cooled, hardened and made her look like a giant candle! I immediately set to trying to remove the bulk of the wax and two days later...if got most of it off. The good news is that she should now be pretty waterproof! ( for a while anyway, until the wax wears off) Another nice thing is that she remains touchable! Wood is so much better if you can touch it and feel the wood instead of a polyurethane finish. I spent the remainder of the night sharpening the chisels. A couple needed some serious work. But most just needed a little honing on the buff wheel. I'm probably bad for waiting until the project is over to completely resharpen the chisels, but what a pain to constantly having to drop everything just to regrind a chisel. Well, they are all nice and sharp once more. Ready for the next project!


Missy-Ellen said...

Wow, what intricate work! Fantastic creation! :)

diy said...

Good on you. But, how about a full length photo so I can see the completed work?

L. D. Burgus said...

This really turned out marvelous. You really created a wonderful work of art. The wax makes a nice finish and it should stay for quite a while. You can buff it every once in a while as in dusting and it will just enrich it's finish. Good job!!!

Clay Perry said...

beautiful work!


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