Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wood Elf Day 15, Hair, Spear, and makeup...

I was all over the place tonight, but I focused on the undercutting the arms and setting them apart from the rest of the torso. Then I worked a bit on the spear. Nothing too special, just defining the rope a little. I still have to work on the spears ultimate shape as it looks rather crooked and thick in places. Then there is the hair. I'm actually pretty happy with the way the hair is shaping up. I am using my only long bend veiner for the job and it is working out pretty well. I still have the top of her head and then there is the face. The more I work on her the more I find needs to be addressed. Here is a full body shot to give a little idea of how it is coming along. Front and back...Enjoy the pics.


diy said...

As usual I am enjoying the pictures, thanks.

Handi said...

my bro. How goes it? As usual I like the carvings. Doing a great job on this one so far. I do have one slight concern. Maybe it is me. Although I am not a carver.

The face on the first picture on the bottom left. The chin is a little farther out then it should be. The look or poster kinda reminds me of an egyptian.

Other then that I think it looks really good.


Chelsea said...

Great pictures! Especially the one of the cat on top! Your work is amazing, it looks like you put a lot of time and patience into your carvings, and your craftsmanship is apparent! Good luck!



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