Sunday, February 14, 2010

Making a pulley out of wood.

Tonight's little experiment into absurdity started a few weeks ago when I was trying to move that stupid log and ended up straining my back while wrestling with it. I looked up for some mechanical advantage like we used in the old Army days to help lift very heavy items. Well, this is not tank I'm attempting to heave up, but it is still pretty heavy. I looked online and found nothing of any here is my attempt to make an 8/1 ratio pulley. I got the inspiration from on old picture of an old nautical ship pulley selling on Ebay. Now I know what you are thinking. Why not just buy it and be done with it. Well where is the fun in that? So to start I cut out the pieces out of some scrap wood. Not having a lathe, I had to improvise... I was pretty much shooting in the dark with the first one ( not's embarrassing the way it turned out) But the second one turned out a little better. It might not look pretty, but it does seem functional enough. the true test will come when I can lift that log with it. I still will need the lower one yet, but I ran out of time and patients so it will have to wait 'till tomorrow. Since I'm not posting any carvings for the moment. Here is the second opening for Blood+. It is an awesome anime. but it does start out a little slow. You really need to give it to episode 4 for it to start getting addicting. Enjoy!


L. D. Burgus said...

That looks very complicated. I missed your grand finale, will have to go back.

diy said...

Good idea. Have you a runner in the endss for the axle to turn on? Just a thought. You could fill that up with thick grease, a lot easier on that back of yours.

But as you say make your own and have fun.

Handi said...


You don't need a Lathe my Friend, they have for a Drill press or a drill a special Circle Cutting bit that will cut perfect circles for you out of wood about 3/4 I do believe. You can adjust the arm out to how big you want them.

Or you can go buy the Doorhandle Kits that include a Small one and a Big one that will cut them out for you.

A lathe would be cool as I bought one not to long ago, and it may be easier at least to get the Grove in the center of the pully.

See if that will help you out.



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