Saturday, November 7, 2015

12021 words! Slow going.

12000 word goal reached!

I forced myself through sheer will to break 12000 words.   I left things off in a rather…challenging area and it was kind of tough to get back into the heat of the moment.  But…..I did.   I did not write at all yesterday, so that was possibly a driving force in trying to push through.   So….If I can at least crack the whip when I need to,  hopefully things will fall into place in other areas. Writing-My-Novel-Word-Count    Tappity tap tap!

I guess today was a “double day”  where you set a goal of writing double the usual amount of words in any given average day.  Nice try…but I still write as fast or as slow as the story comes to me.   In the mean time, as mentioned before, I did not write ANYTHING yesterday.   We sold 20 stockings and  by the time we got through with that, don't worry!  The heat will be back Tuesday...maybe.. I was pretty wiped out.  Add in a couple of other distractions….like our heat has been out of the entire building for two days now.    I called the landlord and they said they would get right no it…so probably Tuesday.  Good thing it is not cold… November….. in Iowa….. ( it’s consistently in the 40’s lately.) 

A side note…..Having given up hunting years ago, Now that I no longer hunt...they reveal themselves...  you can imagine my surprise and excitement when we see not one but TWO full blown BUCKS!   One looked like an 8 point and the other a much larger 10 point!   One flew across the road during our back woods route to Iowa City.    The other one was several miles away hanging  out in a field, slowly strutting while looking towards the wood line.   I stopped and whistled before he even noticed us!  He had better be more aware of his surroundings or he is going to become someone’s wall mount…  They are probably in the middle of the rut at this point…so they do throw caution to the wind more recklessly.

 pheasant-hunting-in Iowa There were Pheasant hunters on the way to the trail this Morning.   I’m not sure what the hunting seasons are line here in Iowa, but there are very few areas of public land.   You either have to know a farmer or own your own land to be able to have a shot ( pun intended) at bagging a big one.  The 8 pointer jumped out infront of Subie....Anyway, I can count on one hand all the whitetail bucks I have seen when I was a hunter.   Now that I have given it up….they are jumping out in front of my Subaru!

14 stockings for tomorrow already.   Cheryl spent most of the day catching up on questions and laying out a few custom dog orders.   Looks like tomorrow will be another full sewing day.   Perhaps I’ll have a little MOJO left for Writing.   We shall see…..Whish me Luck!

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