Monday, November 9, 2015

Another VERY Large Deer Sighting.

 whitetail-deer-sighting in Corralvill Iowa Cheryl and I were running/cycling along the usual route and Cheryl noticed a doe in the middle of one of the field areas.   Usually there are geese there, but today the deer stood out.   I was looking it over trying to see if I could find any antlers and not spook it so we can get a better look.  Cheryl ran by and Suddenly I noticed a VERY LARGE buck mere yards from the sidewalk/trail. ( And ME!)    Cheryl ran by him unnoticing.   He looked like a picture postcard!  He just stood there.   I noticed him and it nearly scared me to death!  

I called out to Cheryl and luckily, she noticed him standing there without scaring him.   She stopped her run to admire him.   We counted at least 10 tines plus at least one large drop tine…making him at least 11 points.    In all of the years if my unsuccessful hunting, I have never seen a wild deer this size this close!    That makes three trophy sized deer over two days.  Hurray for Iowa!  This is the closest I could get to his look.   The antlers were thicker and the drop tine pointed towards the ground. I have never been that close to a deer of that size before.  (And he was not in a cage!)   I ‘m sure I could have spit on him easily.  

So,  Of course I had no camera…so the best I could do was find a similar deer on Google.   This one looks the most like him,  with the drop tine on the side.   (  I have never even seen a drop tine on a living deer before.  Truly amazing! )   I’m just happy Cheryl was there to share it with me, because I doubt I could fully convey the significance of an animal like that.   Perhaps to most people they would say,”  Oh, look….a deer!”   But to a former hunter…..this was much more. 

Well,  It continues to live….and even if I was still classified as a hunter…I’m sure I would have missed it…or had my gun jam…or simply fell asleep as it walked past me.  (  I was never very successful at deer hunting…)  And I’m just happy to see something like that.   So much so, I’m currently blogging about it.  I guess if the event was blog worthy, then it must mean something. 

Red Felt...MIssing in action! Other than that,  we sold 21 stockings today and 9 of them are red…..We were supposed to receive red felt today…but did not.   SO…….Looks like we will be working double time tomorrow…IF the felt arrives as it is ( WAS)  supposed to.  Hurray for the felt company!    I believe Cheryl has reached her capacity for custom orders.   She has allowed me to answer those conversations.   I feel honored!   Now I can say “NO!”  in a pleasant and heartfelt manner. Perhaps the UPS guy got held up....somewhere....somehow.... 

As for the Novel.   I worked hard to complete 14000 words yesterday.  I’m currently not feeling very “energetic’ towards writing.  It bugs me that the felt did not come and that the job is left unfinished in the stocking shop.   But what are you going to do when the felt does not come?  roll-with-the-punches the way I ould like to think of things. Time to roll with the punches….what ever that means.  I’ll see if I can gather up some motivation to press on.   Heck,  I’m writing this posting after all….so I guess I’ll be able to get something moving.   We shall see.  

Hope everyone is having a great Monday.   And perhaps you are seeing rare nature sightings in your area.  Just make sure you have your camera ready….

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