Sunday, November 15, 2015

20,000 words! That Was A Challenge!

blog-0908923001384723875  A quick post as I (Barely!) crack 20,000 words today.   It was tough…I found myself writing the last 20 words just to get over the big 20K.   I’ll probably go back over  and rewrite them when I have a more rested mind.  Who knows.   I’m frazzled and I proud as heck that I even attempted to write tonight.  hqdefault 

We sewed up 23 stockings today and just finished them around 7 pm.  Surprisingly, everything went rather smoothly.   No button or machine problems.  However,  I got a “Pep-Email” from the National Novel Writing Month people and they “reminded” me that I’m at the half way point!   Half way!   I SHOULD be at 25000 words….not 20….So I decided to push myself a little to add  about 1500 words on an already exhausting day. 

Pizza-Hut-blog-2-1024x764 Well, not totally exhausting   Cheryl and I had Pizza Hut Pizza in the nature trail today after her usual 7 mile training run in Coralville. The weather was pleasant today, but is forecasted to get gloomy over the next several.   We shall see how things go.  

As for me.  I’m just checking in to show my future self that I pushed through and got 20,000 words on this day in 2015.   Maybe it will be a landmark someday.  dontstarve

As for now.  Time to play Don’t Starve.   A great way to hash out the frustrations of life in the safety of a convenient sandbox video game of survival.

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