Thursday, November 12, 2015

16000 Words! Oh Where Is The Time?

tappity tap tap I am almost to 17000 words actually.   16850 to be more precise.  The trouble is that I simply find November to be a REALLY BAD MONTH to begin the novel.  I should explain a little bit because there is a plus side to writing this story at this tie as well…..but let’s first talk about the negatives….This way I have something positive to discuss afterwards.

 hookparts Stockings!   We have been selling roughly 15-20 stockings lately…and it really cuts into the writing time.  It’s more than the sales though,   The sewing machine and felt supply always act up when you really do not need any additional distractions.   My sewing machine has been particularly fickle as of late.   I looked up a few trouble shooting tips on You Tube….most of which are worthless.   ( well,  Worthless in that 90% of them discuss that you probably threaded your machine improperly….Which is NOT the case here) bobbin-case I finally got the machine to behave Most of the time, but it occasionally chews up a button or creates a rats nest on the underside.  The problem is the bobbin hook that refuses to let go of the thread.   Because there is a burr…because it hits the needle.   So I have to sand down the needle and ….But I really don’t want to digress too far.   

The felt arrived a day later than we were planning.   This caused us to fall behind a day…..causing me to skip two days of writing.   I have to have an open evening to be able to tap into the creative story telling mode.  The last two days we have been finishing around 7 P.M.  and it is a real struggle to get down any ideas that late in the day. 

332x190_NaNoWriMo_v2-332x190  But…..Lets talk about the good!    I have written more these two weeks than I have in the last 9 months!   I guess that is a good thing.   I don’t want to sound like I’m  preparing  for failure, ( since the goal before me was one I have set for myself after all….)  but the Pep-Emails that the NANOWRIMO people send reminded me that if you find the motivation to keep writing, even if it is just a little,  then this month will accomplish what is is meant to do.  It’s true!  The Last time I attempted this,  I achieved 50,000 words in less than 30 days but still had  a few chapters and fixes to add to the novel.  FinishSo….even if I don’t get the 50000 words  before the deadline…but continue to work on the story and complete it…then I will have succeeded on a different level.    ( The same can be said if I complete 50000 words but never finish the story..then I will have failed at a different level as well.)

So,  Just checking in….taking a break from the story for a moment as I’m at a scene that will require more thought than I have to provide any more tonight.  Even my sentences to this blog posting are not making much sense to me right now.    So….Better to keep things brief.    So.   Over 16000 words!   YEAH!   Small victories.  Small victories…..

Shooting stars in Iowa Oh,  It was windy and stormy as of late.   But now a cold front is moving in and it has cleared the evening sky for stargazing.   I guess there is a meteor shower all this month, but it’s best to watch tonight since it is the new moon.   I already stopped a shooting star while taking out the garbage.  I guess I find them magical at some level. 

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