Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cracking 18000 words! More Large deer, More Iowa Corn!

I should have read this...if I only read books.18633 words!   It’s slow going.   Today we decided to take a break from the stockings, and allow ourselves some time to catch up on other things.   Namely,   run 2 hours in the morning…then Cheryl scored a few papers while I tired to write some.   It’s not that I’m blocked….it’s that there is a delicate balance between making a novel readable and making one forgettable.   I have finally introduced the dragon to the main character….and that is kind of a big deal.   And I thought I was off to a slow start.I mean…Dragons are scary right?   Well, they should be anyway.   So if I don’t take the proper care in writing the scene well…all that terror and awe will be lost..

And so it is a struggle just writing 1000 words at a time.  I have to think about the next scene over and over in my head and try to remember the really cool lines and sentences that come to my while sewing or biking down some country trail with Cheryl in tow. 

Speaking of running country trails.   Today,  Cheryl and I ran/bikes the Kewash trail in Keota…again.  All 14 miles!   It was a great day today…..Sunny.   Highs around 53 degrees.   Dry and clear.   Just a really nice day….. The recent windy days dropped several trees over the trail, and Cheryl and I got to play “trail maintenance”   for a few minutes.  It's not too big for me.  Luckily they were not too heavy.  Most were pretty light and dead…but still big enough to have to double up on the effort.

So I joked that I forgot to take the camera and we were bound to see a deer here. …and we did.   Another buck/doe combination.    The doe jumped out on the trail in front of us and I shouted,  “Where’s the buck!?”   And BOOM!   Out he comes!   He was, once again, A HUGE..buck on the Kewash nature/bike trail  HUGE!   All that Iowa corn next to protected private land combines to make the racks Ginormous!  (  j-I-norm-us)  (Hey!   That is not really a word according to the dictionary….I guess I just made it up!)  This one had at least 10 points again.   The antlers  were  tall, heavy and the tines long.    That makes 4 TROPHY deer ( In 4 different locations!) inside one week!   Oh where were you guys when I was still wearing blaze orange.   BTW Nov 15 is opening day deer season in Michigan…I think.   It has been a while.   A well,   it’s really not my thing anymore….but  now that the universe knows this,  it’s throwing every trophy sized deer my way to taunt me. ElevatorCornPile  in Frytown

Speaking of corn….( Because deer eat corn….and grow big antlers….in Iowa)   The corn harvest must he HUGE this year ( Like the deer in the previous paragraph)  The small sleepy town of Frytown;  Smaller than Wellman;  Smaller than the average outpost in Alaska!….   Has it’s HUGE grain bins full and is now piling the corn out in the parking lot!    Serious cornThe piles are so tall you can see them from two miles away!   I have been wanting to take a picture….because it is kind of a sight to behold….and then I found  one online!   Well,  it looks a lot like the Frytown grain elevators anyway.  

I just realized I have used HUGE three times….ok, make that 4 times.   I hope this lack of synonyms is  is not invading my novel. keep-calm and try not to let the blog steal the thunder.   How many words are there to describe something that is really really big…without all those adverbs.    Better end this now while I have  this writing pressure valve released… could mess with my future novel aspirations.     

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