Friday, November 20, 2015

Over 25000 words! The Half Way Mark…

Blog Header Chalkboard  It’s late…and 25644 words is all I can muster at the moment.   Yesterday, I only put in about 500 words…..I considered plowing through, but decided I did not want to have to go back over and re-write things.  It’s a key moment where the main character is learning about is “Options” now that he discovered he can’t leave the caves.  I had to keep the story moving without getting hung up on superfluous details.IMAG0545

So.   Somehow I managed to write for almost 2 hours today while also changing the oil on the Subie and sewing up 14 stockings.  Not a huge day, but today marks the last day before a huge storm rolls through.  I had to get the oil changed for before the big trip next week and this was possibly the last clear day to do that.thanksgiving-travel-connecticut-338086e5d52de558  It is currently snowing outside!   Hopefully things will clear up for the holiday travel time.  Cheryl has her “Turkey Trot” and Her family is planning on us attending.   I’m not looking forward to another live episode of “Ice Truckers” playing out with me in the driver seat.   

Not much else to add.   Just checking in with the word count.  FT-Thanksgiving blog posts at this time were always about the stockings.   I guess I simply do not have the time or the desire to take pictures and post them on the blog this year  I wonder if things will get more crazy after Thanksgiving.

Oh!  Minor side notes:   Cheryl finished her Pearson Project and has been offered another one AFTER stocking season.( Yeah!) best-knife-sharpener We received our replacement Shun today and now Cheryl is printing out the label to have the old shun sent back for Sharpening.   And lastly…there will be no Jury duty this week.   ( Yeah!)  I’m off the hook again.  Hope my Luck holds up as we approach the holidays. 

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