Tuesday, November 17, 2015

21500 words. Slowly, slowly…..

Ok,  I probably should be upset with so few words, but I didn’t write yesterday and stockings have been slightly more than “annoying” lately.   ( Well, annoying in a kind of good way, because we do make some money after all.)   Yesterday, there were errands to run and it was raining…so Cheryl took the day off from running and decided to work on finishing all of the stockings and custom orders to get us caught up.  She instantly regretted it because the extra time we gained was lost with the custom orders.   Kind of like this...Only more like dropping a safe on your little toe.   I'm sure the feeling is the same. AND she did not burn off that running energy she has pooling in her soul.    To help her out, I decided I would not write…because it was late when we finally finished all of the stockings and I really had no MOJO left…

   And that is when I decided to randomly drop a bookend on my pinky toe.   It was great!   Cheryl has these huge heavy bookends and of all the places they could possibly fall….it had to be on my barefoot pinky toe!   ( They weight about 10 lbs each!)  The feeling was Sensational!    And when I say that, I mean the sensation was all encompassing.  And the sensation lasted for hours….make that DAYS! ( because I can still feel it!) Similar in shape AND color!

Well as you can imagine,  the experience has changed my foot’s shape slightly.   I now look like I have two big toes  on my right foot…one on each side!   The pinky one is a slightly darker in color now. ( no longer Pinky Pink)…which,  depending on your perspective…Is either really cute..OR really gross.   Imagine a deep shade of burgundy that would make any plumb blush with envy.  I’ll spare you the image of my real foot,   because I guess the injury must be fairly common.   I Googled it and there are TONS of pinky toe injury pics!

So,  TODAY,  to make up for the lack of running yesterday….Cheryl decided to run…this time IN the RAIN!  It was kind of warm so the sprinkles lacked the usual bite of cold.  It was coming down pretty good for the entire run though.   Luckily,  my newly shaped foot still managed to fit inside my oversized bike shoes.   Still hurt a bit..and I gimped most of the day until I was able to remove them.   We just finished 23 stockings AND I finally finished over 1500 additional words to the novel. And it is currently storming violently outside…. So…..That is pretty much everything at the moment.  

The NEW shun!Oh!   Before I forget,   We received our new Shun Knife,  along with some new bike shoes for me ( I’ll have to try them on later….given the circumstances..)   and more felt.  I guess I also received my Christmas present today, but Cheryl is keeping it under wraps.   What happens when Shun tries to cut Date Pits!Cheryl found out the hard way that Shun knives,  despite being incredibly sharp, can’t cut through a pit inside a date.    We now have to send him back to be sharpened, but purchased a second one because we simply can not imagine a life without a Shun in the house now.   Yes!  It is that good!  

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