Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Arrived Alive in Michigan.

Turkey Trot here we come So here we are.   Got the packet pick up.   Got the visit with the family,   Now we can relax and enjoy the hot tub in the room.   Well,  Cheryl does…i have to quickly post this.  

So tomorrow is the big race and Cheryl  gets to show off her running skill to the fam.  A runner Expression.   Thinnk Prefontain We are looking for Gold in Munic.   ( Runner expression)   That is,  Cheryl is looking for a last ditch PR and to show up and embarrass this Michigan Bunch. We shall see.    Sometimes during a bad week you are able to put all the good into one basket.   Meaning:   Twin cities Marathon was a disaster…except for the  Spectacular Boston Qualifying time. 

Cheryl,  Notice the chop sticks    Other than that,  Cheryl helped drive possibly more than half of the way.   I’m not sure why I allow her to touch the Subie, Cheryl eating grape with said chopsticksbut she does and despite her constant speeding and eating with chopsticks while driving,  we managed to avoid any catastrophic accidents and speeding tickets….With only one grape hitting the floor.  (  Think this picture is staged?    Think again!  Nectar of the GODS This is REALLY what she was doing!) 

So after our packet pickup,  we headed to Meijers  for some food and beer.   I was able to secure 7 cases Cheryl shows off her pre race food.of Honey Brown and Cheryl was able to find a salad she would like.   I settled on free chili at the breakfast room in  the hotel.   It is not bad….satisfied the hunger….and that is all I needed after a long trip. 

My Pre-holiday chow.   Just like being in the army ...again!So tomorrow we are getting up bright and early and hopefully we will have some cool racing photos to add to the blog.   See ya then….The hot tub calls me!

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