Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey Trot Finish!

Arriving at the race before sun the rain Cheryl suggests I carry the Hello Kitty bag. So we did the Turkey trot this morning…..Early!    About 2000 people ran it with Cheryl….and although it did rain a little, the weather held at about 50 degrees….perfect running weather.  

The competition was good,   Cheryl said she had to work hard for her ultimate 2nd place age group finishers award.The Fam joins in for support   That is correct,  Cheryl placed second…in her age group….Everyone wants to see Cheryl in her racing atireagain in a 5 K.      The really great news was that she set a new PR just over 22 minutes.   Time to head out to the elite area( 22:11)  A mere 13 seconds behind the front runner.  Cheryl runs like a blur Add in that she pulled off her fastest mile ever, clocking in at 6:45!  

  And all this in front of the fam!   Everyone showed up to enjoy the rain,  the dark, and the crowd.    I was fortunate because Andy ( Cheryl’s Brother) has a much better camera and was able to capture several shots of her as she came in. Cheryl flies like a bird! You can't see him, but Andy, is behind the guy in the brown jacket.      The dim light and street glare waged war on my poor Nikon.    Cheryl likes the pictures because they make her look like a blur….Similar to the Flash!    

Holiday CheerIn addition tot he many “serious” runners,   And Dress up.Cheryl was joined by a bunch of festive ones who wore a variety of turkey hats and costumes.   It was  a fun time. 

Red Hawk mascot   And then there were the mascots!   There were THREE here…And I got them all!    I guess the first one was a redTurkey Mascot. hawk….not a cardinal.   The second was the turkey….And last was the tiger.   I’m sure they are all local schools or minor league mascots of variousThe Fighting Tiger Mascot sports teams around here.   Too bad Griff the Griffon was not on hand…..He is the Hockey mascot for the Grand Rapids Griffons.….and would have been a cool addition to the collection. 

It took a while to figure out if Cheryl won an age award, but eventually we stood in line and they announced her name.     Another medal to add to the monuments. Cheryl waits to find her place  

So then it was off to eat turkey and catch up on old times.   The others had to travel to other family obligations, so the events were kept fairly straight forward.   Cheryl and I , as usual, were the last to go. 2nd Place Age Group Medal! 

Wth a NEW PR of 22:11So now it is hot tub time and rest up for the long trek home.   Fingers crossed the weather holds until we arrive in Wellman…and HOPEFULLY,  our embroidery machine has arrived and is waiting for us when we get back…..Oh!   And the cat has not torn up the apartment too much.  

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