Friday, November 27, 2015

Back Home! Alive and Well in Wellman!

Whew!  What a day…. We beat the weather, Managed to catch up on the embroidery and finish the stockings that were behind.   And it is only 6:30!  

Subie vs the Elements They had been predicting a storm front moving through our area today, and it was supposed to be filled with all kinds of bad stuff like Ice and freezing rain.   We started out early from Michigan with a constant rain all the way until Davenport Iowa.  We held our breath every time we watched the Thermometer drop a degree.Subie WINS!    It eventually got down to 34 degrees with dry conditions when we finally arrived Home.   Conditions outside currently are cold but still dry.   Hopefully things will remain nice and dry for the rest of …..The YEAR!New PE770 Arrives

So we came back to the New Embroidery Machine waiting for us at our door step.  YEAH, FED EX!   There was also some felt and other materials….YEAH UPS!   Both delivery guys are champs this time of year.  Let's Get the Party Started!  I hesitated little to open this puppy up and fire up the motor.   I spent the next three hours embroidering on the names while Cheryl put things away, cleaned up the house, fed the cat, and then finished up sewing the stockings that had the names finished.  It matters not with them completed.   I will sleep better tonight knowing one mountain has been conquered.

New Emboidery over the old one.   I'll Have the have the backup one repaired eventually.The next mountain is the current one of stockings we have been selling while on our trip.  54 stockings…..with is not too bad.   54 stockings!  The Next Mountain to Climb Almost 20 a day for three days is typical.   The fact that we allowed ourselves to get behind it unfortunate, but not unforgivable.   We can probably catch these guys up over the weekend.  ( Fingers crossed)

Other than that,   Cheryl posed with her new turkey trot shirt.  It is a little large.   Cheryl swimming in her Michigan Small shirt.But….things are always larger in Michigan.  ( Heck!  even WE were larger when we lived there!)   So we have labeled this shirt a “Michigan Small”  as it is possibly closer to a medium or large….on Cheryl anyway. 

If Only Hiro could smile like this.... So…that is all.    Stockings are within reason,  Embroidery is back online, and we missed any potential Ice Storm.    Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day.   It was fun visiting with the Fam.   But the Cat is very happy ( I think, anyway)  that we are back and can keep him fed and entertained.  Now it is time to Crack open a Honey Brown.   Yummy!   

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L. D. said...

I am glad you made it home safely. The forecasts were so inconsistent and sometimes just plain incorrect. I am glad you got the new machine to replace the broken one. It will be humming away through late at night.


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