Wednesday, November 18, 2015

23700 words! I must have been motivated!

   secrets_revealed  And I had a little extra time this evening.   We only sold 14 stockings today,  so I was able to get started a little earlier.  Not that I’m wishing for fewer sales!   Oh no!   But,  it is a Wednesday,  so I can imagine that there are some folks not shopping online midweek.

Besides that, I guess I had a scene in my head and finally was able to put it down.   Adult Coloring (Style)It’s a key moment where the main character links up with an old friend. ( one from the beginning of  story)  and some secrets are revealed.   Yadda Yadda yadda…and now I’m almost to 24000 words!  Yeah!  

Not much else to add.   We ran hills today.  We dropped off packages;  We sewed up 14 stockings; we made Sushi; I wrote over 2000 new words to my novel.    I’m done!   Time to catalog the progress and fire up the Don’t Starve Program.   By the way,  I figured out that video games are made for people who don’t color.  By color,  I mean…coloring books.  670px-Reuse-Broken-Crayons-Step-2  Specifically for Adults!    I guess it is some form of Therapy.   Calming….that is why they teach you that stuff in Kindergarten.  I’m sure the adult stuff is more challenging…with colored pencils instead of the usual broken box of 12 Crayola Crayons.   1909034416_1363274579_by_strawberry_puree-d666nnvBut I gave up coloring years ago and don’t want to go back.   Bring on the Sandbox Survival Video Game!  

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