Saturday, November 5, 2016

Milwaukee Running Festival Packet Pick-up

Did I forget to mention we are in Wisconsin this weekend?   Funny how things slip your mind.  Cheryl has another half marathon tomorrow and today was the packet pick-up.   Aside from it being in Wisconsin and an additional 2 hours further away from home,  there was not much worth far.

The packet pick-up itself was located in the Harley-Davison museum.   In a small cramped place, Cheryl stood in line, picked up her bib and T-shirt,  and hurriedly  left the expo!

Perhaps Expos are just getting old...or small ones have very little appeal.   Whatever the reason,  we decided to leave early and try to find our hotel.

Milwaukee is a strange place.   Similar to Chicago in architecture and prices,  we decided to walk around a bit to see how far the start line was...etc.   I did not bring my camera to take any pictures for this.    The reason?   A couple of things I noted from Chicago is to try NOT to look like a tourist.

Nothing says tourist louder than a camera around your neck.   And that is when the  Pan-handlers step in to hit you up for cash.  Let's just say...I'm not big on that.

The room here was expensive ( Hilton, instead of the Country Inn and Suites)  and just like Chicago,  the prices of "normal" things is exorbitant!  I'm not an Edwardian!   So price and gratuity IS an issue for us.

Ok,  this is starting to sound like a rant,  so I'll end it here and hopefully have better pictures and news tomorrow.  Wish us luck!

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