Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The City Sewer Saga Continues!

More "Molehills!"
Remember when I said that the city boys were done with the sewer?

Right through the AstroTurf!
Well,  I was mistaken!

Today,  for no reason at all.... they tore up the very area they had seeded yesterday!  So much for the bets on how well the seed would perform.
Looks like they forgot somebody

This would explain the unusual surveying that happened a couple of days ago.   I thought they were simply reaffirming where the gas line and underground power cables were buried.   I did not know they were planing on digging....AGAIN!

Under Buried Powerlines
The whole things gives me pause about what I previously said about them.  Maybe they are not as squared away as I first thought.  Sure,  people make mistakes.   Everyone may hit a water line or telephone pole accidentally.    And maybe the tangled network of underground lines  are a challenge to work around.   But why they did not do all the digging at once  while they had the lawns tore up is beyond me.
Under the Buried gas line.

Maybe it is a stage thing.   A little here...then clean it up.... then a little there...  clean it up..   and so on.   The good news is that they did not damage any lines this time.   ( Yippee!)

With uninterrupted service,   Cheryl and I were able to do 23 stockings....   The White felt arrived and we set up two embroidery machines to get all the names on faster.

I was also  able to change Subies oil.   Granted...  I had to change it in the dark....since we just finished the stockings when the sun went down.   I did not want to wait another day, because colder weather is supposed to sweep into Friday...or with my luck...tomorrow!

Unfinished stairs Top
The upstairs apartment was re-carpeted today,  But they did not get to the  stairs yet.   Maybe they had to take more measurements and settle on the final selection of carpeting.   I took a few "before" pictures to show off the dramatic change that is bound to occur.   We shall see.
Unfinished Stairs  Bottom.

I'm going to miss this November weather in Iowa.   It has been pleasant for the last several days, and outside of running every morning, we have not been able to enjoy it as much as we would like.   I guess being busy with the stockings is ultimately a good thing,   since they generate revenue.  And November is not normally this nice.  

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