Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weekend Stockings, Running, And Cold Weather.

45 sales over 2 days!  Not bad.
Cheryl cuts out the parts
 After taking a much needed break yesterday,  the weekend stocking orders have exploded in our face!  We just finished 30 orders and already have 25 for tomorrow.   Cheryl has been daring the Universe to send us some "Real" orders...  and perhaps the Universe is listening.

Embroidery Station  Online!
With so many orders in one day, we cap the work load at 30.   That is the number of stockings we can safely do before we transform into an evil being.  Also,  that is the maximum amount before mistakes creep in. Don't get me wrong, mistakes happen!  But our ability to handle them in a "sane" matter compromised.

So we started the day with the easy stuff and worked until it became a little warmer outside.  ( 11:00 A.M.) I embroidered most of the stockings and Cheryl cut out the parts.   The rest would have to wait until we returned.

Kind of like this guy.... ( not my pic) 
Cheryl shows off winter fashion 
We packed up and headed to Iowa City for our usual errands.  I brought the camera this time, because yesterday we saw a very large Buck cross the road in front of us!   He was easily a 10-12 pointer.  He had a doe with him and stopped long enough for us to be bedazzled by those huge antlers!   My thought ( and hope) was that we would see another one on our run this afternoon.   Unfortunately, there were no wildlife sightings today....other than several hawks.
Running in the cold.

We have seen at least 4 antlered deer this year. ( not counting the dead ones ...which would be two additional) One deer was in Wisconsin on our way back from one of those races.

At least the sun was toasty.
Cheryl still had to bundle up for the run, but at least the wind was not a factor.  The Iowa sun did its best to try to warm things up for us a touch.  Looks like the summer gear is finally going to be retired for the year.
Back at the stockings!

Stockings complete.  Wrap attack time.
On our return, we finished the stockings and it is now dark outside.   I'm impressed how quickly the sunlight fades at this time of year.

Purple flowers turn brown and gray
Even the Marigolds are feeling it.
 As mentioned before, the cold snap hit us pretty hard here and my flowers are finally feeling the season.   The purple cone flowers are pretty much history after this killing frost.  The Marigolds continue to hang on....but for the first time this season, even they show signs of wilting.

Too bad the sun is down already.
Wednesday is rapidly approaching and things are bound to get even more crazy when that happens.   Fingers crossed the cold is the only thing we will have to deal with when we get there.   Thanks for stopping in.

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L. D. said...

You two are quite a factory. We see so many deer hit along our highway 141. Once the crops come out the deer lose their shelter and do a lot of migrating. It may be breeding season but I am not an authority on that one. That wind was too much on Friday and I was out in it working on siding on my house. It was insane thing to do but rotted fake siding needed to come off and be replace in an area along my steps. The longer I was out, the colder it got. You two need to take some breaks from the stockings. I know we use to frame for people in our home shop and Christmas time was just insane with all the orders we took in and had to get out before the big day. We delivered sometimes on Christmas eve. Be careful out there and don't let a deer sneak up on your car.


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