Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tidal Wave Stockings!

30 stockings!

Stockings have been kind of a big deal lately.   In fact, they are cutting into my blog time!   Ah well.   As if I was ever going to actually write anything in November....   Like a novel or something.

With embroidery 
It's true, I never had any time to really begin the novel, so all that talk ended up being for nothing.  Of course I can always start the thing anytime....It does not have to be in November.   That one thought is what keeps me away from the cliff of depression.  

And one Glitter Name...
All that aside,  stockings have been rather crazy this year.   Possibly better than last year at least.  We just finished over 70 stockings for the last two days!  And are still behind several days.  We managed to finish 40  today alone.   Anything over 40 begins to tap into the next day, so we are trying to keep things in manageable portions.  

Day 2,   40 stockings!
The weather seems to be holding out and Cheryl has managed to squeeze in at least some token training runs in the afternoon when we need a break from the sewing.   However,   today she was feeling the pressure a bit and cut the run short.  Perhaps tomorrow we will tackle 10 miles.  
Cheryl feels giddy!

Cheryl just  informed me that we finally have made a dent in the backed up orders.  Before today, we had been knocking out 15 orders..only to have 20 more pop up!   ( Yeah Sales!)    I should not wish for a slowing of the sales...or lessening of them.   Every one is a blessing!   Even when they seem to swamp us.  

So, for the rest of the night, I have been enjoying these "Hard Ciders" that Julie and Mike ( Cheryl's Sister and Brother-in-Law) gave us from Michigan.   I'm pleased that Michigan has embraced alcohol as a means of digging itself out of the social and economic turmoil it has brought upon itself.   Michigan has  lots of apples and other fruits to ferment into delicious alcoholic beverages.   Who needs to compete with California for Wine?   They have Apples!  
A gift from the Michigan In-Laws.

That being said,  the Hard Ciders are actually pretty good.   I was skeptical at first,    They taste an awful lot like wine coolers.   Which is fine....A sweet fruity bubbly flavor.  Just nothing like beer.   
Taste like Wine Coolers,  Refreshing

In the end,  I'll drink it.   And enjoy it!   It's good, after all....  just closer to wine than beer.   Then again,  Comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges...or hops in this case,  does not seem a fair assessment.  The Hard Ciders are good!   Enough said.  I'd drink it again, but I might choose a beer over one if I had the option.  
Hope everyone is enjoying their "cyber sales weekend". I know we are...kind of.  From a business point of view anyway.  Maybe all this work will pay off when we have to pay for Boston..which is coming up in 6 months!   Until then...Enjoy!

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