Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stockings stockings stockings!

 So we have been a little busy trying to catch things up before our trip to Michigan.  After several days of 30 stockings,  we tackled 42 today...and things are getting a little loopy.  Just take a look at Cheryl!

If you note that her outfit has changed, that is because this was over a two day period.

The weather has gone from cold to miserable in the form of a 37 degree rain.  This does not stop Cheryl from running in those conditions.   However, it makes for Ethan the sidekick to question his loyalties from time to time.

Don'e get me wrong!  I used to LOVE being miserable!  Heck, I volunteered for the Army!  One of the selection processes for the Army is to make you miserable for a full 13 weeks before letting you in.

Other than that, Cheryl plans on getting up bright and early tomorrow so we can get a "jump start" on the travel time.  Hopefully Chicago will be tame for the Holiday rush.

One last note.  While searching for music to play while we sew. ( because Cheryl gets sick of my Anime music)  I found a number of background  music /noises to try.   Mostly it is sounds of waves or rain.  Sometimes a bubbling brook.  However I found this most beautiful choral music.   And one of the songs sticks with me.   There are many versions...but I wanted to blog about this one.  Starts at 31:36.  Enjoy!

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