Tuesday, November 8, 2016

More Trenches, Dogs, Utility Disruptions, And Stockings! ....Time for Another Run!

Digging across Don's Yard
Adding new pipes...again!
The city sewer project continues to tear up the environment around us.   The trenches have moved...ever so slightly, over to our neighbors back yard.   The line cut through his small victory garden and into the other neighbors dog pen.

This upsets the dogs...
Unless they get a rawhide treat!
This causes the two Papillion dogs located in the fenced  in area to go crazy!   I'm somewhat of a dog guru here.   Not to pat myself on the back, but I bribe the dogs to keep quiet.   It works most of the time.
More Trenches along the driveway

And more pipes!
I find it interesting that these guys have been digging, burying, and re-digging up the same areas over and over.   Each time they drop in something "new" into the hole and cover it up again.   And,  of course,  they continue to hit the utility lines.   They have hit the water three times now, and finally,  they hit the gas!

The temporary gas line fix.
The guys test the gas line before re-hookup
Luckily,  they knew there were going to cross it and took precautions so they would not blow up our house!    They disconnected our apartment as well as the neighbors before cutting into it.   This caused the gas to leak out into the air and stink up the yard with the fragrance of sulfur.  Similar to the smell  the pig farmers spread when they fertilizer their fields around here.

A small side note on the utilities. Mediacom came today to fix the broken cable from the downed  telephone pole. From   OCTOBER 27!   Talk about prompt service!   I'm not sure what is going on down at that place, but I knew we were VERY  fortunate to have the cable fixed the same day the damage occurred.  I just didn't know HOW fortunate!   Seriously!   Two weeks?  I'm just happy that the city guys were able to flag down a nearby tech to fix it the same day.  I guess he must not have told anyone at the office that he already had the job done.
MediaCom came today, offering to fix the broken cable line... the one that was damaged when the telephone pole was knocked down by the sewer guys!    That was
Cheryl and stockings

Lots of Designs today

And finally,  the stockings are picking up.   It's about time.   We did another 14 today in addition to the 31 from yesterday.   The familiar scene of Cheryl and Ethan dropping off a HUGE satchel of packages at the post office was witnessed again.  The post office actually like us for taking care of all of the orders in advance.  Just like the good old days.

And cool cat names!
All this business around here causes Cheryl to want to run again.  And Lucky for her!   There is a race in Madison Wisconsin this weekend!   Another Half-Marathon in the fall...  What could be better?   We were supposed to drive to IKEA to finish up our redesign of the apartment.
Beer and Brats for Breakfast!
 But with all this stress around here,  we decided we needed another chance to release some steam.  So...Off to Wisconsin..again!   Perhaps we will score some more beer this time.   Different beer, but still from Wisconsin.   Oh,  And some Brats!   How can you go to Wisconsin and  not have beer and  Brats?

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