Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Wellman City Sewer Continues!

The sewer work continues to Ruin Our LIVES!   But not in the same way they did last week.   Instead,   they provide the ever present symbol of stress and anxiety that prevent us from enjoying our mornings, afternoons and evenings.

The construction continues at a snails pace!   I think these poor guys inch about 30 feet of progress a day. Poor Don, ( our neighbor) has had his lawn and driveway totally destroyed while also losing his water ( again!)  when they hit the water line in a new location.   Hooray for city planning!

They did manage to fill in the huge trench that is pictures here after several hours into the evening last night.   My guess is that they knew of the change in weather that was going to hit us later.

And it did!   Rain, thunder and hail all hit us violently in the early hours of today!  The trench that still had not been filled with dirt....was not filled with water!

What it looks like to walk outside
Maybe that is why they decided to take the day off today.   The mud around the area is heavy, thick, and sticky!   Poor Subie looks like he has been playing around  at Dirt Fish!  ( Rally Cross Training School) The heavy clay soil makes drainage of water slow going AND makes the mud stick to cars and shoes as if it were Tar!
What it's like driving down the driveway.

Perhaps my venting is not really about the trench warfare in our front yard,  but rather the fact that I was unable to make any progress on the novel today.   Ah well,  maybe I'll write something a little later this evening...when my creativity returns.

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