Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adventures with the Great Ethan Allen

I was digging through some old pics the other day when we were moving our shops around and stumbled upon some old Army and Alaska photos. Just to prove that I actually had a few moments in my life of adventure, I thought I would post them. The mounted King salmon you may have seen in previous posts was actually caught in 1991 on the confluence of the Russian and Kenai River in Alaska. ( Below it is a Dolly Vardon caught in the same area, 23 inches!) I could not keep the fish since it was "out of season" but a nice lady took my picture before I released it. She then sent me a copy and my mother secretly contacted a taxidermist to make a mount out of a fiberglass blank. ( I was in college at the time, not yet a full time carver) The next pic is of a fellow lodge employee ( Tim, was his name) and our first clear up of sockeye salmon at the Russian river, ( Summer of 1990) And finally one of the few pictures of me while I was in the Army 1993-1996. Mountain Dew was my drink of choice.

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