Sunday, September 13, 2009

The BIG MOVE! "Before" Pics!

Well, this week will be the beginning of a few changes around here. Namely we are retooling our business to match up with the changing times. And to start things off, we will be closing up my old shop and moving my stuff into the garage while we fix the place up for Cheryl's shop. I should say "Cheryl and Ethan's shop" since I will most likely be drafted for unknown manual labor. But bottom line is that the shop seen in the pictures before you, will be changed, so I'm posting the "before" pictures of the progress. I feel pretty good about it surprisingly, since for the past three years I've been doing all of my magic in this tiny little room. We'll see as the week goes by! Oh! And you should have seen it before I got it. Blue shag carpet is not the best for carving! I think Cheryl will find a really good use for the wood floor. Please note: This is a 12' X 12' room. Don't be fooled into believing it is this huge shop! If you remember me carving the bed, you will remember the challenge it was moving that monstrosity around this little room. So I may have to start a new blog to

begin the cataloging of the new shop and how it goes. For the Anime sellection, we have been watching Rah Xephon. A great anime about tuning the world with sound. Enjoy!

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