Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The BIG MOVE! Part 2

OK so I started moving stuff out of my shop and cleaning things up a bit. I have to get out so Cheryl can get in. SO....Here are the pics of my dust bomb! Yes the walls are suppose to be kinda off white. Not really the brown that the dust makes them. We had a little challenge moving out my special custom made dust table. It would not fit out the door. SO... Plan B You probably guessed what plan B was. What do you do with the table after Plan B is implemented? That's right! TO THE FIRE! So now Cheryl is in charge of fixing the Swiss cheese walls and touch up painting. It is turning out pretty good at the moment. Cheryl currently is moving small bits of furniture in there so that she can work with the arrangement. Once her stuff is out of the garage, Mine will move into the open space. We'll think of the next step after that. For your Anime pleasure: School Rumble! It is a very funny show! I feel for Harima and think he shodul end up with Eri, the rich girl who hates his guts but is strangly attracted to him. Tenma on the otherhand is just clueless, and unatainable. But that is what he wants. Here's the openning. Enjoy!


Handi said...

All that work you done on the Dust Table and you are Destroying it? Didn't you use Drywall Screws or something to put it together? LOL, you could've taken a lil time to unscrew it so you could take it out and use it, or if anything you could've kept the wood and tested some new Carving Theories or something.

I'm not one for burning it if I may be able to use it lol, But anyway besides that, Your move looks great... bigger space, more room to lay and refinish your seats and stuff...


The Great Ethan Allen said...

I foolishly glued everything, and at that point, I wasn't in the "salvaging" mood. Quite the opposite, I was itching to break something! Especially aftr trying several times to get it out the door. the wood was not going to of uch valuse anyway, lots of little cut to fit pieces.


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