Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Grand Haven Salmon Festival

So today Cheryl and I checked out the Grand Haven salmon Festival to see if the attached how was any good. It was Cheap ( $35 entrance fee) to get into but we heard about it too late. Well, on our tour, we saw some pretty cool art and carvings. The two carvers that I found were of opposite sides of the spectrum with hugely different styles. As you can see: One is VERY detailed. So detailed in fact, that his fish look more like taxidermy! ( I should know as an old taxidermist) They were very nice but almost looked like the fiberglass replicas you can buy from a taxidermist catalog. They were priced in the $400-$600 range from what we could find. ON the other side, was Bear claw Jack who keeps things rustic. I'm not sure if he uses chainsaws or chisels exclusively, but he was using chisels while at the show. We didn't catch any prices on his things, but I don't think they were as high as the other guy. There was also a marble top table maker, Very cool, but not sure if he made any sales since we saw no one lugging around a large stone top table at the show! All in All, the show looked small with plenty of foot traffic, I'm not sure if the people were buying but the salmon tent was $18 to get in to sample the food, and it was packed! Tomorrow is the show in Grand Rapids, Our car is loaded and ready. Oh! Some origami from yesterday that I didn't post, I'll probably have a lot of time to make some tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


diy said...

First hope you have a successful day at Grand Rapids.
Your photos of other carvers ' work is interesting, a lot of clever hands around.

Anonymous said...

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