Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The BIG MOVE! Fin!

So tonight we both finished up with out shops. I think it took me longer to get all my stuff set up, I would guess I had more "stuff" than Cheryl. Anyway I think it turned out pretty good. The cats approve! I will probably do some minor adjusting with the wiring and light placement later, but for now, at least all of the stuff is not all cluttered up. I'm happy that I managed to find a place to put stuff when I took my dust table apart. It held a lot of cluttered crap. There are a couple of shows this weekend where Cheryl and I are thinking about attending. We need a little seed money to help her fill out some orders she has lined up for her Wristlets. My new shop allows me to gaze upon some of my previous work. YEAH! For tonight's anime. We'll continue with School Rumble. Cheryl and I just finished season one. She now wants to move on to season two. Enjoy the closing theme of Season one!

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