Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tying Flies!

In case you have been following my blog and never read my bio, I used to be a fanatic fly fisherman! I lost most of my sanity when I spent several years in Alaska. Until then, I was just a pan fisherman who switched to flies at dusk. When I say I was a fanatic, I mean that I tied my own flies, had more flies than I could ever fish with, even tied up and finished two of my own fly rods! While in Alaska, I was in the water whenever I was not at the lodge cooking. That said, something happened since then and I am now a shadow of my former self. First: we moved where fly fishing is not really a great idea. ( muddy waters, busy bayous, and BIG water of Lake Michigan. ) I find that I just don't have the drive to get up early in the cold rain to go fishing anymore. Maybe it's age catching up with me. However, I still like to tie flies! Cheryl wanted me to whip some up for her resin jewelry collection. I started out with the best of intentions tonight, however, I discovered that most of my feathers, hair, fur, and yarn has all been thrown out! I still have many of my hooks and some of my "expensive "feathers, But I now realize that I need more if I want to tie up some of the really fancy ones. Until then, I'll try to stick to small easy ones that still have a little flash to catch a customers eye.

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Mortira said...

Wow! Those are amazingly elaborate. So much more interesting than your run-of-the-mill flies!


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