Monday, September 21, 2009

Celebrating 92 followers!

YEAH! And after only blogging for a little over a year! I must say that I might find blogging a little more challenging now that the toilet seat carving business is no longer... However, there is always Allenbrite to play around with. But since it is more about Cheryl and not much about me, I guess I will be more like a Narrator. Still, it gives me something to do. I'll still try to post a little bit on this one as well. And, Of coarse, any carving or woodworking projects I might come upon. Thanks to all who have found me interesting enough to follow up to this point. For tonight's anime Karau Phantom Memory Opening. I have revisited this anime because Netflix is booting it off the watch instantly part of their website. So, I'm catching it one last time. It's a great Anime!

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