Sunday, September 27, 2009

New things to carve!

Hey hey! Ever since I gave up toilet seats ( there IS NO GOING BACK!) I have discovered that I have a lot less to say lately! Even on Cheryl's blog! However, I was handed a nice little commission this weekend from my neighbor. Actually, his girlfriend from London, England! You see, she wants some "uniquely American" gifts to bring back to her family from the States. And let's face it, McDonald's hamburgers don't last long and make bad gifts. So, she threw out a couple of ideas for some carvings. I have looked up these pictures online and will see if I can get them carved up perhaps tomorrow. One is a Rugby team from England, The next is an Elephant, ( I'm going to use the same model that I have used for the elephant toilet seat) and Mickey and Minnie mouse! Some will be painted, others will be left with just stain, no poly. We'll see how they turn out!


Jac-Ber Creations said...

Look forward to seeing them! And on a side note, it's not just any rugby team you've picked :-)

MackTheKnife said...

Glad you're getting some carving done! But be careful with those Disney images. You might find a lawyer's hand in your pocket.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

I thought of the Laywer thing, then I think I'm so poor...I'm not worth their time! Also, I have avoided any trademarked images up to this point, but I thought I would make this one small exception this once. It's not going to be a regular habit.

Handi said...


So I see that you arn't doing anymore Seats... In my Opnion I believe this is a good thing for you.

Because some of your lastest post, you weren't really making any money from them, and offering free shipping and stuff...

I think you could've had more revenue by making your own and buying the Hinges!

Anyway, Glad to see you are still carving up some stuff!



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