Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fulton street Craft market. Results...

Ok, I was not going into this show thinking big to begin with, but It was moderately successful. The fact is that carvings just were not the "flavor of the day" there. Oh! I did get lots of compliments, even handed out a couple of business cards, but the real flavor of the day was my wife's Wristlets! She did awesome! Which means WE did awesome! So my carvings were not a hit there, I didn't really think they would be since it was an ongoing weekly market instead of a show or festival. I DID manage to sell one box, so I was not totally skunked. The crowd was pretty good and steady, and the show only lasted 4 hours at a cost of $10 to enter! ( pretty good deal if you ask me) They even provided 2 eight foot tables to help display your stuff. We have went to craft shows that were more expensive, less organized, and sold less than this one. ( to put this in perspective. I may have been a little over optimistic with my carvings because I could not even display them all! If we go again ( I doubt we will go to another one since it closes after next week) I may bring my carvings again, but I might show them off a little better. I still was not "feeling" the crowd there, but you never know who might drop in and buy something. Cheryl's story was much brighter, so you can read more on Allenbrite... Enjoy!


MackTheKnife said...

Dude! You haven't shown us the heron panel. That looks awesome from what I can see.

Good for Cheryl! At least the craft market isn't totally dead, even though it is listing about 15 degrees to port. How's that for a mixed metaphor!


Jac-Ber Creations said...

Well done! It's all about the crowd on the day.... :-)


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