Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Acanthus leaf exercise...again

With my chisels nicely sharpened, I set off once again on another acanthus leaf project. Now there is really no purpose to this at the moment other than refreshing my chisel skills and "staying sharp" ( pun intended) on carving. Tonight I used a different method of setting in the background. I used 3/4 inch boards so the router would be able to slide and stay level on the project. I think the carving turned out better than the last one. I read up a little more on how to keep the tool marks off the background. The newly sharpened chisels helped as well, however, two of the # 5 10 mm chisels both now have chips out of them! (ARGGG!) Maybe the old metal is not as strong as I once thought, or the wood ( maple) is much more hard of a wood. Anyway, I'm quite pleased, All I need now is some rifters to get in those cracks and crevasses that my sand paper can't reach. My ultimate goal is to make something along the lines of this Gothic Furniture! (DROOL!)


Anonymous said...

The photos show how talented and skillful you are! Good job!^^

diy said...

Let us see this when its all finished I'm sure you've got a bit of art there. Great stuff


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