Friday, November 20, 2009

Tree carving day 4

Tonight I didn't get to the tree as soon as I wanted to, but managed to kill about three hours anyway. It's funny how time flies when you get involved with carving. Well, tonight I worked on the head, face, neck and I even carved in her dress! The cat's head is coming along as well. One of the things I noticed over the last several days was the wood turning black. At first I thought it was from the rain, but now I think it is from the metal chisels coming into contact with the green wood ( like cutting lettuce with a metal knife, the green leaves turn brown.) Well, it is quite unsightly,but i plan on painting it eventually anyway. At least the wood has been easier to carve lately, now that I have not had to deal with the knotted area around the shoulder. can't wait 'till tomorrow!

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