Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tree Carving day 7

OK really it has been more than 7 days, but some of that time was lost because of weather or daylight. But tonight I used my chainsaw to help out with the roughing of the body. I should have waited for the chainsaw before I dove into it before. But I was eager to get started. Anyway, I started by cutting slices into the wood about 2-3 inches deep. Then I chipped out the chunks with on of the roughing chisels. Then I repeat the process until it is about the shape I need it to be to start smoothing it out. The cat was nice enough to help out...again. I spent the rest of the night just trying to smooth it out and get the chainsaw marks off of it.My arm is KILLING ME! Nothing quite like tennis elbow from swinging a mallet all day. I was thankful when I finally got to the part where I could just push the chisel instead of swinging the mallet all the time. It started raining so I decided that that was a good time to call it for the night. It's predicted to rain again tomorrow, but Cheryl and I have to get ready for the family meeting on thanksgiving. Oh! Woodcraft has sent me a $10 coupon good until Christmas! They are also having a carving competition where the winner gets to go to Switzerland! Who knows, I may just enter!

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