Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kindel Furniture

Kindel Furniture is the pinnacle of classic furniture design. Wouldn't I be so lucky to find out that they are right here in Grand Rapids, just a stones throw away! They specialize in what I always thought they "furniture of Royalty" should be. Furniture with wonderfully detailed and decorative carvings, deep rich finishes, and superior craftsmanship and design. Of all the places in the world for a woodcarver, this looks like it would be as close to heaven as you can find. I found out that even my grandfather ( the one who's chisels I currently have) worked there for a certain time. ( He didn't go into specifics, but I'm impressed dad even knew about the place. I always thought Grandpa worked at Stow Davis) It's possible, since Kindel furniture has been around for 100 years. With a little luck, I may just add my name to that long list of craftsmen. It's almost a shame to show off the finished Eye I was working on yesterday next to these beauties. But here it is outside in the light. Now i'll have to carve a matching one so I can scare away the door to door salesmen!

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Anonymous said...

This eye is perfect!!!!! Wish, I could do such things too! Very artsy! Greetings from Germany! Ansara :)


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