Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Info On Kindel Furniture

In addition to the wonderful carved wood furniture in various antique styles, Kindel also provides services such as furniture restoration! Basically they take old items that may have not aged well over the years and restore them to their former glory. What a wonderful service! I have had the opportunity to restore a chair from Brower furniture. ( 1956 solid maple, ) We found it in a Goodwill for $10. The previous owners snapped the back rung off it and had ( GASP!) nailed it back into place, Splitting the wood and making it uncomfortable to sit in. After bringing it home and taking it completely apart, ( not to difficult since most of the glue joints were old, dry and brittle) I sanded it down and reassembled it, fixing the crack, dilling out the old dowels and replacing them with new ones, then gluing it back up with a new Titebond blue. Cheryl has been in love with it ever since! It was very rewarding to take a solid piece of furniture and bringing it back to life! I must say, I originally bought it to carve in it, but Cheryl insisted that we leave it the original way. Great furniture has something about it that tells you it is great. For instance: This chair is comfortable to sit in! After hours of sitting in a solid wood chair, you body will get fatigued, sore and cramped. But the design of this chair is differant. It's like the designers still knew what chairs were meant for and made them accordingly. Unfortuneately, Brower Furniture Co. was bought out by Great Western Group Inc. in 1981. However, Kindel might still be able to make a reproduction of this chair to match the lone survivor that we have. Cheryl remains hopeful!

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