Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tree catrving day 6 Oh! the Details!

Sometimes I hate wasting time on details. If you are not an "attention to detail fanatic" then you may know what I mean. That is: when your carving looks "ok" but not quite "right!" So you was more time trying to get it that way than it took to carve it out to that point. Anyway, Daylight has not been my friend lately, so I have to carve as quickly as possible and hate obsessing over one small feature. Today I worked on the hair, other ear and some of the cat and shoulder. It probably doesn't look like I did much. but I probably wasted a couple of hours just on the hair. Ah well, that's what makes it all fun in the end right? I tried to define her chin a bit more as well. With a little luck, I'll get my chainsaw fixed and be able to tip her over on her back so I can work on her dress and arms. I can't see myself crouched down trying to do that while she is standing up. Besides, I want to put her on the two sawhorses and she still is pretty heavy. We'll see how it goes.

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