Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Frustration of carving green timber

Well, Along with the joy has to come some sorrow right? I'd love to tell everyone that this is a joyous event spending countless hours chipping away at a large project. However, There are a few small frustrating parts that are just a bear to work with. Namely knots and dense layers of wood around any crotch. I have a couple of small examples here, but mostly the entire area around the cat is REALLY hard! Now you might say,"So what? It is wood after all, And Oak to boot!" Well, here is where the sorrow comes in. This is what it does to my ancient chisels, I go in shallow, I go in without the mallet, is doesn't seem to matter. This is really a job of power tools, but even they get clogged up or blunted. It was getting pretty bad because I would constantly have to file/grind down Grandpa's chisels and I'm afraid that I might just grind them down to nothing! Well, the good news is that today we went to woodcraft and I got a new #9 gouge that is hopefully strong enough to take those knots a little better. I'm still not going to whack away at them with reckless abandon, but at least there is lots of metal to resharpen if anything goes wrong. Plus a new chisel will take a little pressure off the other three I have!

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