Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Origami, Chainsaw, and 100 followers!!!!WOOHOO!

I decided to take a break from carving for the day for a couple of reasons. One, it's raining outside. Two, My mallet wrist is rather tender after three days of chiseling. I felt it would be a good day to lay off a bit. And three, I have several other things that have been nagging me, so tonight was a great time to work on some of them. First of all, Cheryl was running out of "freebies" for her packages. She has been selling lots of stockings lately and tucks in each one a small "thank you" gift. But she was running low so asked me to fold up some origami ornaments. After roughly 3 hours I had 18 gifts folded up! ( can't believe it takes that long to fold one!) I think they look pretty cool! And all it cost is basically the paper and some time. Then moving on to my chainsaw. I looked up removing a sprocket on YouTube. ( BTW, YouTube is a GREAT resource for DIY projects!) It was fairly simple since I have taken the chainsaw apart several times but never got into the crankshaft. Basically, I had to remove the spark plug and insert a nylon rope ( also a piston tool would work, but who the heck has one of those?) and take off the nut. I 'm surprised how easy it was. From the picture the gear part of the sprocket has been completely shorn off! Luckily, the sprocket should only be around $20 so all I have to do is find one on eBay or at our local chainsaw repair shop. ( I already looked at our home improvement with no luck!) And last of all I wanted to celebrate my 100th follower! As a rule, I don't ask for folks to follow me unless they like reading about my little misadventures. But I'm very thankful to those who find my mishaps amusing enough to continue reading more. A heartfelt thanks! For tonights anime: Princess TUTU. It's a lovely charming little story that Cheryl and I have been captured by for the last several days. A duck that turns into a girl to help restore a prince's heart. Enjoy!

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