Monday, November 23, 2009

Chainsaw FIXED! and tree tippin'

Didn't accomplish much tonight in the way of carving, but I DID fix the chainsaw! YEAH! The sprocket was $10 cheaper than I had originally thought as well. I love saving money! So it took only about 10 minutes to clean everything and put it back together. It works like a charm! Then, with daylight fading fast, I worked on putting the log on it side up on the saw horses. It was not as easy as it might look. I had to put bricks under it to raise the center of gravity until we could tip it over onto the sawhorses. So I'm all set for tomorrow! Hopefully I will get up a little earlier and have more daylight to work with. Oh! And since I have not posted anything about anime or manga lately, I found this awesome site with the next manga of Claymore! Remember Claymore? It totally needs a second season to follow this manga. Enjoy!

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