Friday, December 11, 2009

Back to carving.... a little.

Cheryl and I are caught up at the moment on the stockings so I took this brief time out to mess around on the tree carving again. I was going to just spend 10 minutes on it but I ended up spending three hours! Where did all that time GO? Time flies when you are having fun. But to be brief, I worked on the eyes and hair some more. They have been bothering me every time I pass it by when we walk out the garage. So I spent time on her face, evening up the cheeks, smile, and making her jaw line smaller. I didn't get a finished shot of her hair yet, but at least it looks less like a bird nest and more line a head now. Perhaps I'll get a little time to work on her again tomorrow, but things are not looking that bright as the orders continue to pour in. Enjoy!

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diy said...

Watching with interest as the carving developes


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