Sunday, December 20, 2009

A cutting table for Cheryl

I was quite excited tonight because Cheryl asked me to make her a cutting table for felt and button sorting. This is something Cheryl usually does not do because she is afraid I will mess it up. However, my last few projects must have instilled in her a comfortable level of confidence. Well I thought it would be great practice for me when I eventually make my ultimate woodworking bench that I read and drool over in all the wood working magazines. Anyway, the feet took the longest time, but after I chiseled out the "half mortise" or whatever you want to call them, things went pretty quickly. So fast in fact, that I forgot to take more pics along the way. Cheryl is now so excited that she is ordering me4 to make the next three tomorrow! I don't know about three, but at least one should be doable, and probably faster now that I know what I"m doing. I'll sign off with the cats, breaking in the new furniture. Have a great weekend!

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