Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Making butter toffee

Getting ready for the holidays? They are almost upon us! Our little salute to the season is to make something totally sugary and fattening then give it away to friends and family! It's our way to thanking them for fattening us up for Thanksgiving. Anyway, this year we decided to make butter toffee. Its pretty easy actually, just melt butter, add brown sugar, boil, then add goodies. However, our first experiment ended in disaster 50 % of the time! Looking back, I think we relied on the candy thermometer too much instead of just our"experience" This time was way better. No burned sugar, no bad smell no ruined candies. We might be getting the hang of it! Might as well throw in a barbershop song for the holidays! Enjoy WestMinster Chorus! Great Day!


diy said...

I got the song but as of yet no toffee. C'mon where's mine?

L. D. Burgus said...

Thanks for the great day song. I really enjoyed it.


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