Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chisel Cabinet part 2 Finished! Oh! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I just finished the cabinet, and no it's not going to win any prizes for design or beauty. The doors close, and if I had used better lumber, taken the time to square things up, etc. It may have turned out fancier, but it still functions and I'm happy with that. Besides, at a later date, I can always rebuild it with better materials now that I have the design down. Case in point of the "oh crap!" moments was when I assembled the doors upside down. I decided that, other than the cosmetic imperfection, it should function well enough and I didn't need to take it apart. Aside from that, I now have a nice safe and out of the way place to store my chisels where they are easy to get at. Tomorrow will be spent rearranging my shop stuff that was displaced. Oh! And as of the writing of this post, the new year is officially been new for 3 full hours! ( eastern time) Happy new YEAR! May 2010 bring you all the best! By the way, A Cat update...Rashi seems to be doing better though she is not out of the woods yet. At least she can sleep without looking like she is going to die. Hopefully the antibiotics that she frequently spits out at us are making it inside and doing their job. We'll keep you updated!

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous is so nice to have everything in its place. Happy New Year.


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