Sunday, December 6, 2009

Crazy Christmas Rush!

Ok, So it looks like i will not be posting much about carving for at least the next several days. You see, Cheryl's shop is completely overwhelmed at the moment and I have been trying to help as best I can with some of the orders. Unfortunately for her, I'm a carver, not a sew-er ( as in "one that sews" not a sewer as in"one that drains water off the road" Meaning that I can't help with the assembly of the stockings. Basically I fold the free gift and cut out the shapes, tend the Etsy store and sort buttons. I'm also in charge of snacks and entertainment for her so she does not get worn out sewing. Well, that's about it for now. As for Anime.. Here is Area 88. It's pretty good without all the bells and whistles of the usual anime. That is no mecha, magic, or monsters. Just really cool airplanes that are flying today. Enjoy the opening and if you get a chance, look it up and have fun with it.

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diy said...

Yopur in business so its not applicable to you, but I hit on a Xmas solution once the kids were grown up, I use that term loosly. I cancelled Xmas and everything about it. As far as we can its a non event. What others do is there business. I know we do n't regret it, not to be different but just to be us.


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