Friday, December 11, 2009

Some details: Hair cut, whiskers, and eyes

Tonight I had a couple of hours to spend on the tree so I wanted to work on her hair a little more so she did not look like she had a French wig on. Cheryl says I took too much off and she liked the "windy" hair I had before. I'm not sure but after looking at the before and after pics, I think I will lay off taking more off the head. Then I worked on the cat a little, using a v-tool at first then stooping to use my Dremel, I put some texture in his body. I also worked on her eyes a bit. It's funny, while looking at her, her eyes look fine, but in the picture, you can see the small inconsistencies in her eye lids and eye shape. Ah well, no real human has a 100 % symmetrically shaped face. Why should my carving be any different? I'm not sure how much more I will mess with her carving wise. It seems that I may be doing more damage than improvement at this point. So next step will probably be a re sanding, clean up of the hair tips and dress, then paint. Oh! I might have to repair the shoulder as well. More on that later! Enjoy.

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