Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chisel Cabinet.. part one!

Well, life sometimes throws you a curve. I was going to make this a one day project, but our cat has come down with a serious cold and we went to the Vet today. So I got a late start on the cabinet, and I under estimated the materials a bit so there was a good chance I was not going to finish it anyway. So I basically worked on the back part and hammered out any design flaws. I would like to thank Cheryl for showing me this awesome piece of foam rubber we had lying around. It works AWESOME now! I can fit small chisels next to the larger ones and even my paint scraper. Cheryl's suggestion saved me from making a bunch of little slots for each individual chisel, but it did require me to use the wood that was meant for the doors. So the doors will be built later but for now...things are looking pretty good! Oh! and about the cat, the vet sounded positive. She has a chest cold and can't cough up the crap. ( I've been fighting a the same thing for several days now) Se we have been giving her antibiotics and keeping her in the bathroom with the vaporizer on full blast. It seems to be working. In case you are wondering. Sasha is the cat in the middle.


Glowbug Design said...

Can you come over and build me a shelf for all my beads? ;) Woodworking would be so handy but is very intimidating to me!

Dave Brock said...

Nice job on the cabinet, simple yet very effective. That foam seems to keep the chisels nice and snug too. Good idea! Hope that Sasha is feeling better after her "lock-up" in the bathroom... love the cats picture. :)


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