Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Woodcraft visit.

Today we went to woodcraft in GrandRapids for my Christmas present. I know it is not much of a surprise if you know the gift ahead of time. Then again we are old enough to just find something we want and buy it instead of having our loved one guess what it is we truly want. So I really needed a new #5 chisel to replace the old one I have been using ( it's one of my favorite chisels in my arsenal) As mentioned in a previous post, it must be made of a metal that does not like rough handling, because it keeps chipping. Pretty soon I won't have any of the chisel left to grind down and resharpen! IN addition to that, I got a 25mm V-tool. I have several smaller ones, but none of them help me much with larger carvings. I decided to go as big as I could and See where it takes me. I will probably start on a new project tomorrow. I can't wait! Oh and I have not posted any barbershop tunes lately! i found several new ones on YouTube. Enjoy!


diy said...

For the sake of married bliss I'm glad we do n't have that store with in driving distance.

Enjoy your present as I'm sure you will.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

lol I could stay in there for hours...but she gets bored after only a few minutes. She is more forgiving on my birthday and christmas though


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