Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Small box for Christmas

Just thought I would whip up a small carving accent for the family Christmas this year. Ok, I know there is a risk that my brother in law might be reading this, but then again, maybe not. So I wanted to show off what I did. It's pretty much like my other relief carvings, I draw on the design, router around it, and then round it over with chisels. I used maple once again because it seems to be the most friendly with sharp chisels. My Dremel tool would just tear it up. After carving in the lizard, I outline the real gift and route out the silhouette, along with the placement for the hinges. Then simply put it all together! A small carved accent package for a gift card. A little nicer than the crap you get in the store. plus its fun practice for my carving. Need an excuse to carve a gift? Try it out! who knows, maybe they will even keep the box!

1 comment:

diy said...

neat idea. I've tried making boxes. No need to say more.


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